Antioxidant and Anticancer Benefits

There are many bitter melon tea benefits. The herb has been studied for many years, and found to be very effective. Some of the institutions that have conducted studies include the University of Botswana, St. Louis University and Tufts University. While it is popular for helping diabetes patients, new research has shown that bitter melon may also be good for cancer patients. The ingredients found in bitter melon that may help include:

• Antioxidants, which destroy destructive free radicals that have the ability to form cancer cells.

• Flavonoids, which also have powerful antioxidant properties and are considered essential to cell health.

• Vitamins, which are essential to a healthy, nourished body and offer many unique health benefits.

Bitter melon tea benefits have been most obvious in breast cancer patients. This is due to a large amount of research that has been done for this particular type of cancer. There is continuing research that is expected to bring about even more encouraging results. Cancer cell growth was greatly slowed down in studies that were conducted. The cancer cells were also killed in these tests, without having an adverse effect on healthy cells. For patients concerned about the effects of traditional cancer treatments, this may be very encouraging news indeed.

Leukemia patients may see bitter melon tea benefits. This can be a stubborn sort of cancer to treat, because of its effect on the bone marrow or blood. Studies have shown the herb's ability to kill the cells that cause leukemia. This has the potential to be a very aggressive cancer that spreads very quickly. Traditional cancer treatments can take a major toll on those who have leukemia. Although herbs should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment, it is helpful to know that alternative options can be used. Patients who use natural health remedies often report better results than those who don't use some type of natural product.

Men who suffer from prostate cancer also have access to some good bitter melon tea benefits. Because the prostate is a gland, cancer can easily travel to other parts of the body after forming in the prostate. The herb has the ability to kill cells that may produce tumors. One of the helpful effects of this herb was its ability to block cancer cells from forming in other areas. Because prostate cancer has been known to spread to the lungs, this is a very promising report for patients.

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