A Good Antiviral

Bitter melon tea is an herb that has many medicinal uses. One of its most popular uses is as an antiviral. It can be used for both major, deadly viruses, as well as more common viruses that tend to affect people on a regular basis. Some of the symptoms of common viruses include diarrhea, which can be quite severe, as well as fevers. The supplement works quite effectively against these symptoms, helping virus sufferers return to good health. One benefit that you may find is a stronger immune system, essential to preventing recurring viruses.

In recent studies, bitter melon tea has shown some promise in helping to treat HIV. Many people affected by HIV or AIDS like to use herbal products, in any effort to help improve their overall health. One of the reasons why some patients take it is because it helps minimize bad effects from common HIV drugs. These drugs can have some very severe side effects that make HIV patients feel very sick. However, it should not be used as a sole means of treatment, because it has not been found to slow the virus. When used with other treatments prescribed by a doctor, it can help provide some good relief.

Another advantage of bitter melon tea is its effectiveness against the herpes virus. Since herpes cannot be cured but merely controlled, herbal remedies are quite helpful. When used against herpes, it is most active against the type 1 complex. Further studies are expected to reveal exactly how helpful this supplement may be over a longer period of time. Those who suffer from the symptoms of herpes on a regular basis may benefit from regular use of the herb.

One thing many have found is that bitter melon tea is effective against more common viruses, like measles and chickenpox. It has been used successfully in many countries where childhood illnesses have not been completely eradicated. In many Asian countries, it is a popular remedy against malaria. In some cases, it has been found to prevent this illness from occurring. For patients in areas without access to clean water or good health care, these types of supplements may be very helpful. Almost anyone can benefit from using a supplement with antiviral properties. Regardless of what type of health problems you have or occasionally suffer from, you many benefit from using this supplement as an overall health aid.

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